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Senior AI Engineer

If You would like to apply, please send your resume with the subject “Senior AI Engineer” and a small blurb about yourself to

The role

As the Senior AI Engineer at HelloBiome, you will spearhead our efforts to integrate advanced AI capabilities into our microbiome-based health solutions. In this pivotal role, you will lead a cross-functional team to innovate and enhance our AI-driven platforms, ensuring they are scalable, robust, and aligned with our strategic business goals. Your expertise will guide the development and implementation of machine learning models that power predictive analytics, personalized care, and medical image analysis, crucial for advancing consumer health technologies.

Collaborating closely with biologists, data scientists, and software engineers, you will translate complex business needs into functional and non-functional requirements, ensuring our technology roadmap continuously evolves to meet the dynamic demands of the industry. By establishing robust governance frameworks, you will oversee the lifecycle management of AI models, maintaining high standards of data integrity and compliance with global regulations.

This role includes a competitive cash salary and equity package. Compensation is calculated based on the location of the team member, reflecting HelloBiome’s commitment to fair and equitable remuneration.


  • 10+ years of experience in the development and deployment of AI solutions
  • Strong communication and presentation skills to effectively collaborate with various stakeholders
  • Proven track record and hands-on experience in software development
  • Proven ability to lead and manage projects with cross-functional teams
  • Extensive experience in building complex, load-ready ETL and ELT processes using various architectures (n-tier, monolith, microservices, etc.), hybrid stacks (Python, Node.js) and tools
  • Hands-on experience with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Excellent understanding of machine learning algorithms, and techniques including supervised learning, clustering, classification, and recommendation systems
  • In-depth understanding of statistical methods and principles underlying machine learning algorithms, including hypothesis testing, probability theory, regression analysis, and Bayesian inference
  • Experience with ethical AI practices and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations in the USA and EU
  • Experience with healthcare data (e.g., electronic health records, medical imaging data, genomics data) is desirable
  • Familiarity with data governance principles and best practices, including data quality management, metadata management, and data lineage tracking for model traceability and accountability
  • Experience in driving innovation and thought leadership in research, contributing to publications, patents, or industry conferences is desirable


  • As a Senior AI Engineer, you’ll lead HelloBiome in advancing as a data-first organization, integrating AI into the existing systems, building new ones, and preparing the HelloBiome platform for scaling, reporting to CTO
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand business goals and translate them into functional and non-functional requirements
  • Build and constantly align technology roadmap with business strategies and their KPIs
  • Develop and implement machine-learning models and algorithms for microbiome applications, including medical image analysis, predictive analytics, personalized care, and recommendation systems
  • Collaborate with biologists and software engineers to gather requirements, design solutions, and integrate machine-learning models into the HelloBiome platform
  • Evaluate and validate models using appropriate metrics and techniques to ensure accuracy, reliability, and robustness
  • Optimize machine learning algorithms for performance, scalability, and real-time processing
  • Lead the establishment and maintenance of robust governance frameworks for product development and deployment, including model lifecycle management, risk assessment, technology vendor management, and compliance monitoring
  • Ensure that data acquisition and processing activities comply with ethical standards and industry regulations

About HelloBiome

HelloBiome is an innovative B2B biotech startup at the forefront of AI-powered microbiome innovation. We are dedicated to revolutionizing consumer health by leveraging the microbiome. Through democratizing access to microbiome data, HelloBiome utilizes advanced AI technologies to develop targeted health solutions, transforming these insights into commercial applications for our business clients. Trusted by over 20 clients, including industry giants like Unilever, we are not just predicting the future of consumer health; we are actively shaping it. At HelloBiome, every step we take is towards a healthier future, optimizing well-being one microbiome at a time.

As a Senior AI Engineer at HelloBiome, you will drive the advancement of our data-first approach, integrating and enhancing AI capabilities within our systems, and ensuring our solutions are scalable and meet the high standards our clients expect. Your role will be crucial in maintaining our trajectory as innovators and leaders in the health sector, creating impactful and ethical AI-driven solutions.

Our Culture

At HelloBiome, we thrive in a globally connected, remote work environment with team members distributed across Europe, the US, Canada, and Korea. Our headquarters are in San Francisco and Our dynamic and international team embodies a culture of kindness paired with a drive for innovation and excellence. We value proactive individuals who bring a self-starter mindset to their roles, always seeking new ways to advance our mission. Attention to detail is crucial in our work, as we are committed to delivering precise and impactful health solutions to our B2B clients.

This remote and flexible work structure not only fosters a diverse and inclusive atmosphere but also encourages a balance between personal growth and professional excellence. Join us and be part of a team that is shaping the future of consumer health through groundbreaking AI-powered microbiome innovation.

If You would like to apply, please send your resume with the subject “Senior AI Engineer” and a small blurb about yourself to

Featured Image Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash