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Introducing: The HelloBiome Hub

We are excited to introduce the HelloBiome Hub, a groundbreaking portal designed to revolutionize B2B microbiome testing. This innovative platform simplifies the process for study participants, allowing them to register their microbiome kits and receive comprehensive reports seamlessly. See below for a video walkthrough of the HelloBiome Hub:

The HelloBiome Hub promises a seamless testing experience to allow greater investigations into the world of the microbiome. With the HelloBiome Hub, participants can easily register their kits for face, body, vulva, and scalp microbiome testing directly from the kit QR Codes:

Once registered, participants can take a specialized and fully customizable quiz. This quiz collects metadata to be analyzed alongside sequencing data. Participants can also securely upload pictures for further validation or marketing purposes. 

The HelloBiome Hub provides clear and concise swabbing instructions, ensuring participants feel informed and educated during the sample collection process. All microbiome results are validated individually by our team of scientists, ensuring transparency and accuracy.  

We are thrilled about the launch of HelloBiome Hub and the opportunities it presents to unlock further insights from the fascinating world of the microbiome.  We aim to make microbiome testing a seamless experience for both participants and our B2B partners to create a world where microbiome data is accessible and front of mind for product and ingredient formulation.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a deeper understanding of our microbiomes. To learn more reach out to us at [email protected]  

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