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A young lady doing a face swab to conduct a microbiome test

Innovating with NextGen sequencing and AI

Decode the Microbiome

HelloBiome is a microbiome testing platform that merges state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing with our patent-pending AI-powered technology enabling breakthrough personalization, innovation, and claims.

AI-powered technology

Pinpoint recommendations and insights based on data.

Our patent-pending AI technology has been developed and utilizes our fully-automated recommendation system based on data from microbiome Next-Generation sequencing, and supervised machine learning.

High-precision sequencing

Approved for accuracy for the most valid microbiome knowledge.

We use Next-Generation DNA sequencing, analyzing bacteria & fungi at the species level, from our CLIA-certified & CAP-accredited laboratory partner, offering the most effective & swift microbiome data services in the industry.

Wide range of services

Leverage HelloBiome data platform and a flexible service model.

Conduct fully remote claim studies & clinical microbiome research, & commercialize a branded white-label kit solution. Completed at home or from a center, with results within 48 hours of lab delivery. Swab, and go!

Area of focus

Facial Microbiome

Facial Microbiome

Scalp Microbiome

Scalp Microbiome

Body Microbiome

Body Microbiome

Vulva Microbiome

Vulva Microbiome

ABOUT HelloBiome

Our Team

Spanning continents, our global team of developers, microbiome experts, & scientists work hand in hand with partners to deliver the most cost efficient & accurate microbiome testing solutions.

Elsa Jungman, Ph.D.
Elsa Jungman, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO/CSO

Grace Park, Ph.D.
Grace Park, Ph.D.

VP of R&D

Nikita Lukianets
Nikita Lukianets


Elisa Chiquet
Elisa Chiquet


HelloBiome Kit Data Pipeline

HelloBiome Kit Data Pipeline demonstrating the process of microbiome kit activation, skin swabbing for microbiome test, microbiome sequencing, data processing, microbiome clustering, generation of microbiome report

Data, Research, & Product Innovation

Our Services

Microbiome Claim Study to detect microbiome-friendly, microbiome-disruptive, and microbiome-neutral treatments

Claim Study

Remote before/after clinical study to assess the impact of your regimen on the microbiome.

Microbiome Research Study to evaluate presence of important species in a given cohorts of research participants

Research Study

Explore the microbiome in targeted profiles or conditions to develop insight innovation of microbiome-targeted products.

Microbiome Commercial White-label Kit

Commercial Kit

Launch your branded microbiome kit with your product recommendations.

Custom development of recommendation and test platforms based on microbiome data


Develop with us your exclusive diagnosis platform for either commercial launch or research.


Unleash microbiome-driven innovation with our targeted formulation services, from formulation consultancy to end-to-end guidance.

Dr. Elsa Jungman’s Skin Microbiome Kit

Dr. Elsa Jungman’s Skin Microbiome Kit

Discover Dr. Elsa Jungman’s skincare and at-home skin test.

Dr. Elsa Jungman’s Skin Microbiome Kit Test is powered by HelloBiome technology.

Get in touch

Contact HelloBiome team now to discover how microbiome data, and our platform can enrich your portfolio, and improve the health and wellness of your products’ consumers. We can’t wait to hear from you!