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Rethinking Beauty in Barcelona

Just months after In-Cosmetics Global concluded in Barcelona, the beauty industry returned to the Catalan capital for the 33rd Congress of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetics Chemists (IFSCC). It marked the first time the organization offered a full-fledged congress, rather than a convention, during an odd year.

Advances & Opportunities in (Pre)Clinical Testing for Cosmetics and Personal Care

With her column Global Perspecive, Deanna Utroske, Beauty Industry Public Speaker takes up current topics from the personal care industry and talks about them with industry experts. She continues her column with this article on Advances & Opportunities in (Pre)Clinical Testing for Cosmetics and Personal Care. Deanna addresses the growing attention to evaluating the effectiveness of both beauty ingredients and finished products. And there are other advances in cosmetics and personal care (pre)clinical testing.

3 scientific innovations in cosmetics personalization: IFSCC exclusive

This week, the 33rd IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) Congress kicked off in Barcelona to welcome top cosmetic scientists from across the globe. CosmeticsDesign-Europe attended the event to report on the latest industry findings.

HelloBiome Launches To Help Companies Gain Insights Into The Skin Microbiome

That’s among the insights HelloBiome, an AI-powered microbiome assessment and data platform by the people behind microbiome-friendly skincare brand Dr. Elsa Jungman who’ve created an at-home test measuring skin microbiome health, has gleaned about the skin microbiome. The platform is being opened to beauty companies to examine the interaction between the skin microbiome, still a relatively mysterious ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, viruses, archaea and mites covering the outsides of human bodies, and ingredients and formulations they’re interested in for products.